Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Healing Power of Art Exhibition

19 of Scotland’s Most Talented Artists Come Together for 
a Festival Exhibition in Edinburgh  

Art in Healthcare, a charity that’s been lending artwork from its extensive, prestigious Collection to healthcare settings throughout the country for 23 years is organising a small works exhibition. Bringing together some of Scotland’s most renowned artists along with a group of New Contemporaries award winners, this exhibition aims to showcase the exceptional quality of artists who also have work in the charity’s own Collection.

All artwork will be for sale and the gallery is open to the public from 2 – 31 August on the days and times below.

Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 12:30am – 5pm
Sunday 12am – 5pm

Atticsalt Gallery, 50 Thistle Street, North East lane, Edinburgh, EH2 1DA

Ade Adesina, Adrian Wiszniewski, Alan Davie, Alan Shipway, Ann Oram, Barbara Rae, David Michie, Gwen Hardie, Heather Pugh, Henry Kondracki, John Busby, John McLean, June Redfern, Kate Downie, Lauren Bowman, Leo du Feu, Matthew Wilson, Matthew Draper, Philip Braham
Below are some (but not all!) of the artworks available to purchase. If you are interested in buying one of these works please contact Trevor at 

Ade Adesina, North Farm, linocut, 42cm x 32cm, £300

Ade Adesina, Side By Side, linocut, 30cm x 30cm, £250

Alan Davie, Insignia for the Little White Horse, signed colour print, 74.5cm x 88cm, £395

Alan Shipway, Floating Leaves, unique laser print from the watercolour, 60cm x 48cm, £400
Alan Shipway, Water-Edge, watercolour on paper, 60cm x 48cm, £400

Ann Oram, Olive Trees, Italy, oil on card, 40cm x 48cm, £1850

Barbara Rae, Lacken Shore, mixed media on card, 39.5cm x 43cm, SOLD

Barbara Rae, Moy Traveller, screenprint, 58cm x 57cm, SOLD

Barbara Rae, Inishkeas, screenprint, 38.5cm x 38.5cm, SOLD

Barbara Rae, Moy Bank, screenprint, 38.5cm x 38.5cm, £450

David Michie, Cosmos and a Green Jug, oil on canvas, 40.5cm x 35.5cm, £2000

David Michie, In the Fitness Pool with Noodles, oil on canvas, 40.5cm x 35.5cm, £2000

David Michie, The Flamenco Dancer, oil on canvas, 38cm x 38cm, £2000

 Kate Downie, Elm House, drypoint, 46cm x 63cm, £300
Gwen Hardie, Body 03.26.14, oil on oval canvas, 51cm x 40.5cm, £2250

Gwen Hardie, Body 04.30.14, oil on oval canvas, 40.5cm x 51cm, £2250

Heather Pugh, Better Half, mixed media, 25cm x 23cm, £230

Heather Pugh, Part and Parcel, mixed media, 16cm x 33cm, £210

Heather Pugh, Back to Square One, mixed media, 26cm x 33cm, £250

Henry Kondracki, St Stephen's Church, Winter Sun, oil on canvas, 35cm x 27cm, £1200

Henry Kondracki, Winter Solstice, oil on canvas, 50cm x 60cm, £1700

John Busby, Sea Pool and Fallen Leaves, oil on canvas, 45cm x 54cm, £1000

John McLean, Masolino, acrylic and canvas collage, 20cm x 25cm, £1200
John McLean, Moonbeams, acrylic and canvas collage, 20cm x 25cm, £1200

John McLean, Whirligig, acrylic and canvas collage, 20cm x 25cm, £1200

June Redfern, Camelia Sunset, oil on board, 32cm x 27cm, £750

June Redfern, Maple Time, oil on board 32cm x 27cm, £750

June Redfern, The Gloaming, oil on board 32cm x 37cm, £750

 Kate Downie, Little Forrest II, monoprint, 46cm x 57cm, £400
 Kate Downie, M. Braques Allotment, drypoint, 66cm x 79.5cm, £375

Lauren Bowman, Cynopetrea General Hospital, ink and watercolour on somerset antique paper, 60cm x 52cm, SOLD

 Leo du Feu, Blackness Castle, watercolour, 26.5cm x 38cm, £500

 Leo du Feu, Blackness Castle, Passing Boat, watercolour, 26.5cm x 38cm, £500

 Leo du Feu, The Green Boat, watercolour, 14.5cm x 20.5cm, £395

Matthew Draper, Nocturnal, pastel on paper,  15.5cm x 42cm, £850
Matthew Draper, Cascade, pastel on paper,  15cm x 21cm, £475

 Matthew Wilson, Caracara Pill, photolithograph, 32cm x 30cm, £225

 Matthew Wilson, Codex, photolithograph, 37cm x 30cm, £230

 Matthew Wilson, Tenochtitlan, photolithograph and screenprint, 30cm x 30cm, £215

Philip Braham, Night Walk, oil on board, 15cm x 20cm, £975

Philip Braham, Remembered Landscape, oil on linen, 15cm x 20cm, £975

Philip Braham, Sea of Gold, oil on linen, 25cm x 36cm, £2500

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